Daniels packing for a 10 day Alaskan Spring Bear hunt

Just weeks from now I will be chasing bears in Alaska! This has been a dream to me and it's finally coming together. I have spent more than 180 days planning and researching; now all that’s left to do is wait and get my gear in check. I will be hunting with my Tribe Halo, and I’m mentally ready for a close encounter with one of North America's largest predators. I will go over a brief part of my packing list or the larger items that I will be bringing. I chose these products through testing and time in the field and knowing what I can handle.

Competitive Shooting

Shooting competitively has its ups and downs, but in the long run it can help you become a much better shooter. The mental stress that is placed on the shooter, combined with being up against skilled competitors, is hard on the mind. It takes practice to focus through all of that and ensure that you are on track to hit your mark.  So let’s take a look at some of the ups and downs and then focus on how to maintain the winning attitude during the entirety of the shoot.

Off-Season Conditioning

I am going to start off by saying if you truly believe you do not need to train with your bow and work on physical fitness to improve your future hunts and overall quality of life, this is not for you.

Igniting a fire for archery

Bows and arrows are one of the oldest and most traditional forms of hunting and shooting. In recent years, television and movies have generated lots of interest in picking up the stick and string. But just what do you do if you or a family member decides to take up the sport? Today, there are more ways than ever to get started in archery: through local clubs and organizations, family members or friends, or even sporting goods stores and retailers. But there are a few things you should know before you go down to the local bait 'n' tackle and buy a relic to get started.

Setting Up The Traditional Bow

One of the most exciting times for a trad shooter is setting up a new traditional longbow or recurve.  Getting a bare bow ready for the field or the shooting line will get the inner fire burning!

There are a few components that need to be addressed to get the bow tuned and shooting a perfectly flying arrow. In this post, we'll be focusing on the string brace height, arrow spine, and the string nocking point. Within each of these three main areas are more options and factors that need to be considered, and we’ll also be talking about those as well.

Troubleshooting arrow flight

Traditional archery is archery at the purist form: Simple, easy, and without the complexity of the modern bows. The bow… The string… and the arrow. It doesn't get much more simple than that.  

Even though trad equipment is trouble-free, there are a few key components that will give you the accurate arrow flight you are looking for. Proper grip, solid anchor, correct arrow spine, and exact string nock position is a good platform to launch accurate arrows.

Choosing Your Tribe Recurve Bow

The recurve bow can range in length from 48 inches to 70 inches. A typical target bow is around 66 inches long. For the sake of stability it is recommended that your recurve bow not be less than 58 inches. Choosing a bow length depends a lot on your draw length. If your draw length is less than 28 inches, you should choose a bow that is between 62 and 66 inches and if your draw length is more than 28 inches, get a bow that is between 66 inches and 70 inches.

Building Traditional Focus

Shooting traditional bows is a fairly easy task…  Being super accurate is the challenge!   There’s no sights for defined reference when shooting instinctive…. It’s just you, the bow, the arrow, and somewhere down range, your target. 

Being very accurate with traditional longbows and recurves takes time and a lot of practice…. Good practice techniques are a must in creating your mental focus that will allow pin-point shooting.

Broadhead Selection

No matter the delivery system, compound, crossbow, recurve, or longbow, the full package wouldn’t be effective without the business end of the deal…. The broadhead!

Shooting Instinctive

No one had trouble as a kid hitting your best friend’s ball glove with a pitch…. You looked, and threw!  Well, shooting recurves and longbows instinctive is just as easy…. It’s all about hand/eye coordination.  Practice… The more practice, the more muscle memory you’ll form.  Before you know it, you’ll look, pull, and shoot!  Hitting the bullseye without even a thought about yardage and distance…. This is instinctive archery at it’s best!