Igniting a fire for archery

Bows and arrows are one of the oldest and most traditional forms of hunting and shooting. In recent years, television and movies have generated lots of interest in picking up the stick and string. But just what do you do if you or a family member decides to take up the sport? Today, there are more ways than ever to get started in archery: through local clubs and organizations, family members or friends, or even sporting goods stores and retailers. But there are a few things you should know before you go down to the local bait 'n' tackle and buy a relic to get started.

Tribe X3 ILF Review from Daniel Liss

Review from Daniel Liss

The ILF Riser of the future is here with Tribe Archery. The TRIBE X3 is designed to hold that sweet spot between a hunting riser and a longer, more stable, tournament riser. The riser also has a few key innovative things such as the POSSI Grip and the Fletch Friendly Design. The riser itself has a great weight. Coming in at 1.66 lbs with limb bolts,  you’re not going to find a lighter riser on the market. This means I can add some heavy bullet-proof limbs and keep my overall weight under the 3 lb mark!

Stump Shooting Basics!

The Bowhunter puts tension on the string... Beads of sweat cover his brow as the shot presents itself... He hits full draw and takes the shot! The arrow twists through the air, and then the familiar thump sends back the report: A solid hit!! The archer turns and yells to his buddies that are standing by, “Make that shot, suckers!”

This sets the stage for an exciting and competitive day afield stump shooting with good friends… Traditional archery’s stump hunting at its best!

Effective Range

If you haven't noticed yet, we at Tribe Archery like to pose questions that get our hunters out there talking, and we love to hear what you think. So how about opening another can of worms: effective range!  What is the effective range of traditional bowhunting equipment? 


I don’t think any archer would argue that to be a successful bowhunter, you have to have arrows…and sometimes, plenty of them!

But there are a wide range of opinions on what works best on the bowhunting stage when it comes to how to carry your arrows: Hip quiver, bow quiver, or back quiver! Each and every one is effective in holding arrows for the field, but which one really works the best and is suited for the challenge?

Two-blade or Three-blade Broadheads for Traditional Bowhunting?

Penetration and heavy blood trail is the name of the game in successful big game recovery for Traditional Bowhunters.

Heavy arrows will give you the kinetic energy needed to drive a well placed arrow into the killzone, but how deep the penetration and how much blood loss is determined by your choice in broadheads. Every well designed broadhead is created for one purpose:  To cut and create a wound channel that will cause hemorrhage and a quick harvest of game. But are all broadhead designs equal?

Treestands Vs. Ground Blinds for Traditional Bowhunting

Traditional bowhunting is as diverse as the bowhunters who take up the stick-n-string… The terrain, the game, the gear, and the tactics give traditional bowhunting an endless barrage of challenges.

Two time-proven bowhunting tactics are hunting from an elevated tree stand and hunting with a ground blind. Both of these hunting approaches have their place in your hunting bag of tricks, and both have super-high success rates. Each of these techniques pose completely different concerns for the bowhunter, though. 


Tree Stand Hunting

Archery Hitting Mainstream

A strong, independent heroine with impressive archery skills hits the silver screen, and millions of kids around the world get their first exposure to the stick-n-string, bows-n-arrows! Thank you Hollywood!

As the latest big DVD release of the epic adventure blockbuster Hunger Games hits the shelves and Netflix, we at Tribe Archery are so excited… Archery has truly hit a homerun! Once again, archery has been made cool…. Just like Errol Flynn and Robin Hood back in 1938 made archery hip, so too have the Hunger Games movies. Young shooters really are Catching Fire for the sport!

The Silenced Shot

The doe finally stepped into range: An easy twenty-yard broadside shot! The trad bow hunter slowly drew his bow, aimed, and released. The perfectly aimed shot was heading directly to the mark….  But unfortunately for the bowhunter, the loud, twangy shot from his un-silenced bowstring sent the report of the shot long before the arrow reached the mark. The doe’s startled reaction and quick movement allowed it to duck as the arrow sailed over its back. Mission unaccomplished!

Cabin Fever!

Winter depression has set in. Spring is just around the corner, but it feels like months away. You have Cabin Fever! What do you do when it's too cold to go out and snow has got you trapped?