November 2016


There is a technique used by the professionals in the sport of archery called visualization. It starts when you are getting ready to take a shot using a compound or traditional tackle, and it's designed to show you what can happen and how to make it happen. Now reading this is going to be easy and thinking about it will be the same way. The hard part is trying to remember to do it every time and ingrain it into your routine. Trust your shot and trust your equipment, and this can take your shooting to a whole new world.

Recurve Duck Hunting by John Zelko

We first started shooting Tribe bows in the spring of 2016 when we received our Game Hunter bowfishing recurves. We spent the whole summer on the rivers and bays shooting fish all over the East Coast. We were not sure how well we would do with these new bows, but much to our surprise we started slammimg fish right off the bat. We shot fish the size of little suckers all the way up to 80-lb sting rays and were amazed at the bows' ability to work on all the species we were shooting.

Bowhunter Brandon Truss

Tribe Archery Pro Staff Highlight:
Brandon Truss
Team Wicked Draw Outdoors.

Brandon just took this awesome Kentucky 11 point with a drop coming off the back of this buck's rack! Congrats Brandon!

Bow and setup:
2016 Tribe Kinetic, 30-06 sights, stabilizer, quiver and release, Afflictor broadheads

Bio: Born and raised in the woods of Alabama.... My wife and I moved to Kentucky about 3 years ago. My passion for bow hunting has only grew stronger. I now have a son who I can't wait to share my passion with.