There is a technique used by the professionals in the sport of archery called visualization. It starts when you are getting ready to take a shot using a compound or traditional tackle, and it's designed to show you what can happen and how to make it happen. Now reading this is going to be easy and thinking about it will be the same way. The hard part is trying to remember to do it every time and ingrain it into your routine. Trust your shot and trust your equipment, and this can take your shooting to a whole new world.
The first step to visualization is to have your head on straight and your mind in the game. If your focus isn't on your shot, then your visualization will not be on point. So it’s easy to say this starts with having the right attitude. Even through tough times, this sport is supposed to be used as a relaxation from the work world. If you let it become work, it will be much harder to enjoy it and focus on what’s most important ... You!
The second step begins with knowing your capabilities and your equipment. Your shot sequence and previous experiences play a key part in this because it is what is going to allow you to see what you are about to do. Visualize or imagine your shot sequence from setting your bow hand to the flight path of the arrow hitting its mark down range to your arrow is sinking into the target. Seems pretty easy so far, right!!!
The last thing to do is every time you step up to the stake or when you get in your tree stand, continue to plan things out in your head as much as possible on how things can go. This is the hardest part, and continuing to do this is going to help you with your routine and help you see your success.
All in all, it's not that hard to do when you read it. But we need to drive this into our routine and continue to focus and visualize every shot we take. Remember we're not forced into any shot that comes our way. Focusing on your routine and seeing what you are capable of is going to be a huge confidence booster in the field and on the range.