Pro Staff Ber Yang

Tribe Pro Staff Highlight:

Ber Yang took this amazing bull on opening day with his Tribe compound!

Ber was born in Laos but has lived in Missoula, Montana, since 1990.

Says Ber:

Growing up, my passion has always been towards the outdoors. Nothing excites me more than being in the wild and free. From a very young age I learned to bowhunt, and I was hooked. Surviving off the land is what my parents have taught me, which I still strongly believe in. I love to know how my food is processed and where it comes from, so that’s why I continue to pursue and hunt for my own meat.

I’ve been bowhunting for 18 years and each year just gets better and better with experience. The adrenaline rush is what gets me up early during the cold September mornings. The bugle is my alarm for waking up and looking forward to creating memories.

Bow and setup: Tribe Kinetic 70lb , Tight Spot quiver, BlackGold Ace sight, Ripcord rest, Easton axis 400 grain arrow, and trophy taker t-lock broadhead.

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