Daniels packing for a 10 day Alaskan Spring Bear hunt

Just weeks from now I will be chasing bears in Alaska! This has been a dream to me and it's finally coming together. I have spent more than 180 days planning and researching; now all that’s left to do is wait and get my gear in check. I will be hunting with my Tribe Halo, and I’m mentally ready for a close encounter with one of North America's largest predators. I will go over a brief part of my packing list or the larger items that I will be bringing. I chose these products through testing and time in the field and knowing what I can handle. Being an Active Duty Infantryman, hunting is a place where I get to be free in the wild and enjoy some of the comforts of what life can really offer. I'm sure I could do with less but on a hunt like this, I am working my hardest to make it as comfortable as it can be. Thanks for following along and if any of you have questions on what I am using, feel free to email me. Now like I said this is just part of my packing list and once the final is set in stone I will list item by item what I will bring.

The weather in Alaska is like no other place I have ever been; I have seen it snow in August up in the north. Since I will be heading south, I plan on seeing ranges from the lows into the 40s to the highs around 60 degrees and a good chance of rain for quite a bit of the time I will be out. But I’m praying for sunshine and rainbows (right)! So my gear will be focused on the bad side of the weather. I will be bringing trash bags, a tarp, solid rain gear, and a good tent. I will pretreat my feathers and keep them tucked in a bag that is waterproof and attached to my quiver. I will also treat my boots, my gators, and possibly add a layer of treatment to my tent just to be on the safe side. I must be prepared to be inside my tent for long periods of time when glassing is not an option. I will be traveling up river, so Dry Bags will be used to not only carry gear, but to also protect it from rain and splashing. In the event of an accident or we take on water, wet gear would just make things worse. Bottom line, I am prepared to be wet or get wet for a long period of time.

I have been through numerous packs in the last few years trying things out and seeing what works and what doesn’t for me. I have decided that my Kifaru Deluxe Timberline is going to be the pack that I will use and stick with for a long time. The ample amount of room (5,200 + CI) of gear space is plenty for what I will be using. I will be pack my Tribe Halo inside of it protected by my sleeping bag and other clothing to ensure it's safe and ready for when I arrive to my spot.  Pack selection is a tough one, and so far my Kifaru has not only felt the most secure to me, but I feel that if it rolls down a mountain it will be fine.

Kryptek Outdoor group not only makes a great pattern, but it truly is some of the most comfortable gear you can buy. I will be sticking with most of the Valhalla Series, including the Kratos vest for when the temps drop on the mountainside and the wind just makes it that much more fun. The rain set I will be taking is my Poseidon set from Kryptek as it's lightweight and works.

Foot wear is probably one of the more important parts on this trip as there will be lots of hiking and traversing terrain, and they must not only hold up to it, but keep my feet dry and comfortable. I will be using Scarpa boots and have been using them for the past few months and getting them broken in as they are some of the stiffest boots I have ever bought. They are solid boots and waterproof, but I think my feet will break before they do. I will be using Darn Tough socks that are brand new because I have to have that “gush” feeling in them and they are solid at wicking away moisture while keeping my feet warm when needed. I will be bringing a kill kit that I will cover in a later blog along with food and how to pack 10 days of food inside your pack and still keep it as light and condensed as possible.

Now for what I will be hunting with! I have chosen to take my Tribe Halo longbow as my primary weapon of choice because I am a traditional/ambush hunter and I want to get close. I can shoot and be comfortable farther out but on an animal with claws and teeth I want a close shot that I know I feel confident in no matter what the set up ends up being. I will be taking a Glock 20 as a last resort, as I know bear spray works better than a gun on bears and ultimately I want one with my Tribe. Stay tuned for more as I get closer to my hunt and get my gear finely tuned.

Here's a list of what I have so far, and as I continue to put it all together I will post a final list.

Pack: Kifaru DT2
Tent: Marmot Tungsten 2P
Clothing/Camo: Kryptek Outdoor group
Boots: Scarpa
Back up weapon: Bear Spray/Glock 20
Primary weapon: Tribe Halo Riser with Tribe XGCM Limbs at 65lbs