Archery Hitting Mainstream

A strong, independent heroine with impressive archery skills hits the silver screen, and millions of kids around the world get their first exposure to the stick-n-string, bows-n-arrows! Thank you Hollywood!

As the latest big DVD release of the epic adventure blockbuster Hunger Games hits the shelves and Netflix, we at Tribe Archery are so excited… Archery has truly hit a homerun! Once again, archery has been made cool…. Just like Errol Flynn and Robin Hood back in 1938 made archery hip, so too have the Hunger Games movies. Young shooters really are Catching Fire for the sport!

Not only have kids been exposed to archery, they are also being exposed to the excitement of the stick-n-string. Archery is a challenging sport, and it's a demanding sport...but it's also a world of fun. From the backyard hay bale targets to the World Olympic Games, no matter where you are, or how serious you take the sport, shooting bows will always bring a smile to your face!

Youth archery is the foundation of Tribe Archery. This is where it all begins. That’s where it began with me. I can remember my dad cutting down a small sapling to make my first bow, and how my first magical shot stuck into my target: an old soft barked southern pine. The first shot, and the first arrow had me hooked for life! Looking back as a middle-aged man, I’m amazed at the adventures, the travels, and the friends that archery has brought me. I truly owe so much to the sport, and the men and women who paved the way of archery before I was introduced to the sport. An investment that I truly feel has paid off… and that’s why Tribe is so dedicated to giving back.

Working with groups like Heart of the Outdoors, NWTF, Whitetails Unlimited, Ohio Bowhunter Association, and other youth-focused organizations has allowed Tribe to reach kids around the world and help ignite their inner passion for archery. Not only is Tribe Archery honored to be working with such top-notch organizations like these, Tribe is blessed to be able to make a positive impact.

So the next time you're watching adventure movies that highlight bows-n-arrows, thank the directors and screenwriters for bringing archery back into the mainstream… and back into kids' hearts around the world.

Tip:  Tribe Archery’s Game Hunter Youth bows are great beginner bow kits that will give you all you need to get started. Everything you need to light the fire of archery! And check out for great information on getting started in archery--from resources and tips for beginners to finding archery groups in your community.