Bowfishing Gear

Tis the season. Yea, the turkeys are gobblin, but that’s not what I’m talking about!  I’m talking about the non-stop bowfishing action that many of the lakes and rivers offer in the spring. Carp are rollin!  And you better believe the Tribe Archery guys will be flinging fish arrow into the spawning splash! 

If you’re looking at introducing a young person to the outdoors, there’s no better way.  The hunt for a rolling carp is exciting!   Not to mention, if you miss, you’ll have plenty of action when the spawn is in full speed. And if you’re lucky, you might even spear a couple on one shot!

Tribe Archery’s X3 Riser is built for bowfishing gear. No matter what reel system you’re using, a AMS Pro Retriever, or a standard stabilizer system, the X3 is the bowfishing platform.

Don’t forget, carp taken care of properly, makes a tasty dish. A delicacy in Europe!  Or, planted in the garden, the carp makes natural “Green” fertilizer….. Giving those tomatoes an extra growing edge.

Tribe’s Bowfishing Assassins