Tribe Archery Compound Bow FAQ

Tribe Archery has purchased the technology that made Maitland bows a standout in the compound bow market. We will make the bows available under the Tribe name starting in early 2015. Naturally, we are excited about this purchase, as are many Tribe Archery and Maitland bow fans. Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions we are hearing - check back for more in the future. Have a question that's not addressed here? Contact us at

When will the new Tribe Archery compound bows be ready to retail?
We anticipate that the bows will be available for retail in early 2015. (posted 6/16/14)

What Maitland-designed bows will be available under the Tribe Archery brand?
We will offer all five Maitland-designed bows, but we are going to phase in production to ensure the highest level of quality in both product and customer service. We’ll kick off production with the hunting bows (the Kinetic and the Halo Extreme), which we will released in early 2015. We will follow this with the Session Pro and X-Factor. (posted 6/16/14)

What is the warranty policy for bows purchased under the Maitland name?
We will not honor warranties for bows purchased under the Maitland name. (posted 6/16/14)

Will you sell replacement parts for bows sold under the Maitland name?
Yes. We will have replacement parts available by early 2015. (posted 6/16/14)

Will Tribe Archery be at the 2015 ATA show?
Absolutely. We had a great turnout in 2014 are looking forward to making an even bigger splash this coming year. (posted 6/16/14)

Will Tribe Archery keep the “out of the box” and “leading the way” mentality of Maitland?
The purchase of Maitland technology is the perfect fit for Tribe because we already embody that mindset. We offer the best youth bow on the market bec ause we dared to develop a substantial and well-engineered product that takes young shooters seriously. We offer the best traditional adult risers on the market because our designs combine creativity with economy in terms of weight, feel, and performance. It is only by designing out of the box that we can live up to our commitment to deliver a superior experience to bowhunters and archery enthusiasts around the world. (posted 6/16/14)

Will the “longriser” technology be maintained?
Absolutely. (posted 6/16/14)

What colors will be available for the compound bows?
We’ll release this information closer to the launch date. (posted 6/16/14)

Will Tribe Archery make any changes to the cams or limbs?
We’ll release more information closer to the launch date. (posted 6/16/14)

Are you going to keep the current Maitland shooters?
Tribe Archery is excited to launch our Shooter Program. Details will be released soon. (posted 6/16/14)